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will be on 9 December 2007 in St Teresa's Social Centre.

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...... the annual Youth Camp is being held this year at Ampleforth between July 16-19 ...

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The St Vincent de Paul Society (known as the SVP) is an international Christian organisation. Catholic in origin and character, it is dedicated to helping anyone in need.

The concept of need is broadly based, so visiting the sick, the lonely, the addicted and those suffering from disabilities form a large proportion of the Society's work.

The Society exists in about 140 countries with nearly one million members. In England and Wales, its 16,000 volunteers annually carry out around one million recorded visits.

The essential work of the Society is person to person contact and, as this is a fundamental part of the Society's ethos, it does not make donations to any work in which members are not personally involved. However it recognises that material or financial assistance may help those in need overcome crises and develop longer-term solutions to their problems.

The Society operates in small groups, called "Conferences", based on local parishes or schools. They meet regularly to review their work as well as allocating future work in a spirit of prayer and mutual support.

The work of a Conference is usually concentrated on local visiting. However, other activities may include "special works", which serve people in a wider area or give more specialised help in a certain aspect of the work, such as furniture stores, hostels, holiday schemes, children's summer camps and Drop-In Centres.

Internationally, groups in the developing world are "twinned" with groups in more affluent countries, supporting each other with correspondence and mutual prayer. Financial support is also provided in the form of regular contributions, student sponsorship, specific projects and there is a "disaster fund" to help the local Society cope with disasters in their own country.

The SVP supports justice and peace by encouraging communities and individuals to improve their quality of life, but works to address the causes of need.

It gathers and uses information about the effects of legislation on grass roots poverty, examines relevant draft legislation and responds to government on issues that adversely affect the poor, mainly by co-operating with other Christian and voluntary groups in the UK and within Europe. However, in dealing with such matters it avoids party politics.

Membership is open to men and women, young and old, of any denomination.

The SVP only asks that members accept fully the Christian ethos of the Society and are committed to express their love of God through personal service to their neighbour.

The SVP respects religious liberty and values all people.


David Cameron recognises SVP with a Big Society Award

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"The St Vincent de Paul Society turns concern into action"

David Cameron


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The St Mary Magdalen and St Teresa Conference visits people in their homes.

It seeks, in a spirit of justice and charity, to help those who are suffering and does this by a person to person involvement by its members.

Members endeavour to bear witness to the love of Christ through prayer, meditation on the Scripture, the teaching of the Church, through their daily lives and in their relationship and those in need.

Conference President : Tim O'Brien.

Telephone : 743410

EMail : click here

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Meetings are held on Mondays at 7.30pm in St Teresa's Church Meeting Room but, on the third Monday of the month, the meeting is held in St Magdalen's Sacristy.

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